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Picture of support of light-up collective

LiGHT-UP collective is here to help you with all your interactive projection needs. From concept to spectaculair manifestation, we're here to support every step of the way.

A picture showing the stock room of light-up collective
Describing picture for a 3D build-up
A picture showing the concept development and testing by light-up collective
A picture showing the concept development and testing by light-up collective
A picture showing the experimentation and developing creative ideas by light-up collective

Working in the field of projection mapping requires specific software and powerful computers. In addition to our custom software we use Resolume, Touchdesigner and Lightform to make everything work nice and smooth.

Content is king. If you can think it, we can create it or we will find a way.

We work with a wide selection of different projector types and brands. As an official partner of Epson we have a great trackrecord and a great deal of expertise with their technology. Having acquired some of the most high-end projectors in the business, all available for rent and sale.

Concept and creative ideas are part of our DNA. Whether it’s a spontaneous idea or a concept that needs extensive development and testing we are ready to accompany and facilitate you from start to finish.

Live Testing
At our studio in the former Pieter Baan Center in Utrecht we have a theater at our disposal to test all kinds of original, crazy and creative ideas. We can reshape the place to suit all your creative wishes and needs. From sensor driven installations to pepper scrims, we have it standing by.

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