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light-up collective is an collective of artists in Utrecht

interactive projection art.

Based in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, LiGHT-UP collective primarily consist of visual artists, performing artists and creative coders. Per project there can be many different disciplines involved like musicians, educators and designers. LiGHT-UP is always working on unique ways of combining traditional forms of art with innovative new media concepts in playful and interactive ways. With our custom made Happytron application LiGHT-UP has created unique software to draw with light and has been doing so since 2008.

Headline Happytron by Lightup collective
Happytron is an interactive drawing app on a drawing tablet by light-up collective Drawing pad to visualise the projected content


LiGHT-UP collective in-house developed drawing software is as much fun as it is innovative. It’s a drawing application that’s a bit similar to MS paint, only simplified and more intuitive. Designed to be used by everybody that’s able to hold a drawing tablet. Happytron supports a lot of devices as well; from midi controllers to Wacom tablets. The main controller is a Udraw gaming tablet made for the playstation 3, pictured to your left. It was then reversed engineered to support Happytron. Because of this gaming interface Happytron is very accessible for a young audience and the wireless technology makes it possible to collaborate with up to five person at the same time. With the Happytron technology LiGHT-UP collective has created an easy way of introducing people to the wonderful world of videomapping, motion graphic and animation in a playful and fun manner. 

Happytron is an interactive drawing app combined with projection mapping developed by light-up collective



light-up collective does projection mapping

Projection Mapping

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Interaction design

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Motion Graphics

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Concept creation

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Technical support

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